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Vladimír Hlaváček, Slovakia

Vladimir is Java Developer and Architect from Accenture Bratislava. He has worked with all kinds of Java technologies, ranging from HTML5 web applications to backend business service and integration development. He is also very interested in Model Driven Architecture and code generation technologies. Vladimir now works on implementation of several Java integration applications for Telecommunication client in Slovakia.


Java integration frameworks

9:50 - 10:40
Modern Java applications do not stand alone. They are usually required to communicate with large number of systems or applications, either on the client side or on the Internet. When calling a web service is just not enough, the integration frameworks like Apache Camel and Spring Integration come to the rescue. In our session we will show how these frameworks, both building on Enterprise Integration patterns, can help you in integrating your application with different technologies, routing or transforming of your messages. We will also provide comparison of the two frameworks and sample applications demonstrating their usage.


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