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Jorge Hidalgo, Spain

Jorge is Senior Systems Analyst working in the Accenture in Spain. He is a Certified Senior Technology Architect since July 2008 with 14 years of IT professional experience, mostly on Java Technology developments. Besides Java technology he is also experienced in Cloud Platforms, Mobile Platforms, C/C++, Information Management, Microsoft VB and .Net. He is currently leading several innovation initiatives related to Java (both the language and the platform) and works also as Java Lead at Accenture.


Next generation IDEs

13:55 - 14:45
Integrated Development Environments are at the neuralgic center of developer activities. For many of us it’s unconceivable to work in complex developments leveraging multiple heterogeneous tools for design, build and test activities without the IDE connecting them all. IDEs are powerful tools, capable of handling many types of tasks. In many cases, IDEs are perceived as a commodity but this is a naïve approach that ignores the many brilliant features that IDEs can be used for: debugging, code generation, test automation, version control, quality assurance, task & issue management, etc.


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