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Dominik Wagenknecht, Austria

Dominik is Global NoSQL Initiative Lead and Technology Architect at Accenture in Vienna. Basically, he has been passionate about technology since childhood. His professional experiences range from embedded systems to modern enterprise architectures back to the mainframe. Generally, Dominik has a valuable technology expertise in industries ranging from the public sector to financial services and logistics.


Next generation data architecture

9:50 - 10:40 
For a long time data store choice has been easy – essentially companies settled on one big relational technology and every application had to work with it. Due to increasing data volumes, always-open-for-business requirements, connectedness, global distribution and new usage patterns this is no longer the single best approach. In this session we will cover what NoSQL is what it’s good for and head into a few enterprise-ready choices that are particularly interesting from a Java ecosystem perspective.


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